• Saltspring Island – Ganges
  • Silva Bay Marina
  • Otter Bay Marina
  • Pender Harbour Resort and Marina
  • Union Steamship Marina – Snug Cove, Bowen Island

VRC Outstation Policies and Procedures

Outstations are a valuable member asset. It is important that their usage is fair, clear and transparent, therefore it is imperative that members adhere to the following self-governing rules. It is every member’s responsibility to be aware of the outstation rules before using the outstations.

A failure to adhere to the rules may result in suspension of outstation privileges.

1. Proof of Membership

Use of VRC outstations is for VRC members only. A member must be in good standing, must be in possession of a valid membership card AND a VRC burgee which must be flown on the vessel at the outstation.

2. Length of Stay

The maximum length of stay is three consecutive nights per vessel. Length of stay cannot be extended regardless of the number of members on board.

3. Registration

The online check-in system is not a reservation system. Outstation use is on a “first come, first served” basis therefore, members do not sign in until after their vessel is secured at the dock and must sign-in within one hour of arrival. The procedure for using the online check-in system is described below.

4. Checkout

The dock should be left prior to 11:00am on the day of departure to make room for arrivals. The exception to this rule would be if there is a safety concern with leaving the dock.

5. Rafting

Rafting is permitted at all outstations EXCEPT Pender Harbour. Refer to individual outstations for parameters and restrictions. Members must allow another vessel to raft upon request.

6. Use of facilities

  1. Report damage or unsafe conditions of the facilities to marina staff for attention or repairs. Concerns can also be reported to the VRC office and Rear Commodore.
  2. Moor only at the designated VRC facilities at the outstation.
  3. Vessel owners visiting outstations or reciprocal clubs must maintain current marine insurance with a minimum of $2 million liability insurance and be prepared to present proof of insurance if requested.

7. Etiquette

  1. Members and their guests will conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the values of the club. Please be polite and respectful to other members and to marina staff and management. If an issue arises, please contact VRC office staff, the Rear Commodore or the Commodore for assistance.
  2. Be thoughtful and considerate to ensure the most equitable use of our limited resources. When docking, pull in and tie-up in a manner that creates the most space for others as possible. When vessels leave the dock, consider repositioning vessels to make additional space. There may be a need to share power or to raft to other vessels.
  3. When rafting, communicate with the adjacent boat to determine their preference for which end to cross over. Walk gingerly, avoiding crossing over hatches/windows. If in doubt, cross over the bow. Vessels moored at the dock should place a courtesy fender on the outside of their boat.
  4. Be considerate with your noise levels, particularly in the evening.
  5. Gensets are prohibited at the dock, unless power is unavailable, in which case they may be operated only between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm.
  6. Pets must be on leash on the docks.

Outstation Registration Access:

Online sign-in procedures permit members to view outstation moorage availability prior to entering the harbour and, equally important, for the Yachting Section to track outstation usage. 
During the transition phase, a sign-in book is located on the dock or at the marina office.  Members will be notified when the sign-in sheets are no longer in use. Please notify the Rear Commodore should you have issues signing in.
Cellular data or the marina Wi-Fi is required.
To check-in:​

1.  Either:

  1. Scan the QR code on the dock sign-in box to be taken directly to the outstation webpage  OR
  2. Visit the VRC website (https://www.vancouverrowingclub.ca).

2.  Click ‘Member Login’ (located at the top right in red which may appear as a padlock on a mobile device – you will need your username and password). 

3.  Select ‘Yachting’ > ‘Cruising’ > ‘Outstations’ > select the specific outstation

  • On an ipad you may need to turn the device in a portrait orientation to view the menu button.
  • On a mobile phone the menu is accessed through the three bars at the top left.

4.  Click on the ‘Online Check-In’ link to complete the registration form. 

5.  Select ‘Submit’.

To view the list of registered vessels, select ‘View Registry’ on the specific outstation page.
On the website, each outstation webpage includes information about the location and footage of VRC dock space, facilities, availability of and fees for power, and whether rafting is permitted.